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Reselling the CoatBuster

What are the possibilities
The Dumuchi « CoatBusters are distributed from the Netherlands all over the world by Plaza 33. From Plaza 33 we ship to local distributors in different countries, where we mainly focus on the European market. The local distributors in the different countries ship to resellers. That can be pet shops, online shops, veterinarians, breeding associations, grooming parlours, etc. Distribution in the Netherlands has already been established. Resellers in the Netherlands are very welcome. Distribution in the other Euro-countries is still open, until we find suitable partners.

Reseller or distributor
If you want to fulfil one of the above jobs (distributor or reseller) and want to help your customers to great products, please contact us. Do this by using one of the following email addresses:

Tell us if you want to be a reseller or a distributor and we will inform you on the possibilities.

Profit from this great opportunity to expand your business, with high quality products fro a good price!

Every active reseller will be placed on the 'Where to buy' page on this site.

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