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Dumuchi « CoatBuster for horses.

Horse and Pony's.
The CoatBuster (Large) is a great tool to easily remove your horse/pony's winter coat. In one to two hours you completely remove the winter coat, without trouble. The CoatBuster does 90% of the work for you!

Besides te removal of the winter coat, the Coatbuster is very much suited to regulate the growth of wool, so you do not need to use blankets on your horse anymore.

Use the Coatbuster on your horse/pony all spring, summer and autumn, once every one or two weeks to keep him/her free of wool, until it gets colder. Then you stop using the CoatBuster, to let the winter coat grow again.

The advantages of this wool regulating is that your horse will sweats less and it cuts the time you need to dry the horse after the riding. So you can spend more quality time with your animal! Also, your horse will keep a much more shiny and healthy coat, compared to shaved animals.

What CoatBuster to use.
For horses and pony's you use the CoatBuster with the largest blade, the 100mm blade (Large).

To clear the longer hair from matting you use the CoatBuster with the Finishing-comb. You can best buy the combination CoatBuster-Large with Finishing-comb.

In an hour relieved from it's winter coat.

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