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Dumuchi « CoatBuster for cats.

Most cats shed twice a year.
For these cats you can shorten the shedding period by grooming them with the CoatBuster. Use the CoatBuster as often until the coat looks fluff free and shining.

Excessive coat....
A number of cat breeds (Ragdoll, Norisch, Persians) have such an amount of fur that combing and brushing alone simply is not enough to keep the shedding under control. Resulting in a matted coat.

Using the CoatBuster prevents that from happening. Using the CoatBuster simply removes a part of the under coat, leaving a coat that does not mat easily. You keep the coat of your cat shiny and healthy and prevent painful dematting sessions or clipping.

For cats use the CoatBuster with the smallest blade (Small) and the Finishing Comb to remove the last few fluffs.

Many cats love the CoatBuster sessions.

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