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Dog shedding.

Why does your dog shed?
Almost every dog sheds. Only the way it sheds determines if it's a problem or not. Every dog should shed twice a year. Some dogs still do. The seasonal moulting period normally takes about six weeks. To shorten the moulting periods and stimulate the growth of new hair you can apply the CoatBuster, to quickly free the dog from it's old coat.

When can you use the CoatBuster?
Seasonal moulting period.

The standard seasonal moulting periods (in the spring and the autumn) takes about six to eight weeks. This period is known for long grooming sessions, a house full of loose hairs and a coat that looks dull and fragile.
Using the CoatBuster can seriously shorten these moulting periods. With a complete CoatBuster treatment you can remove the largest part of the undercoat and dead hairs in one session. Using the CoatBuster without washing the coat is also possible, but then it will take some extra sessions to remove the old coat. There's no need for extensive grooming sessions, six weeks long, your house stays clean and your dog remains healthy and shining.

Year round shedding....

A large part of the dogs in our country sheds the whole year round. This has more than one reason, but an important one is the climate. Now it's hot and a day later it's cold again. The dogs coats responds by producing extra hair when it's cold and quickly shedding it again when it get's warmer. Then when finally the temperature get 'doggy' we turn on the central heating system and let the animals in the house.

Other reasons for excessive shedding are wrong food and also neutering of the dog has great impact on the coat production and quality.
Depending on the amount of fur you can use the CoatBuster all year round to reduce the inconvenience of the shedding. Because of the fact that the CoatBuster removes much more loose hairs and under coat than other deshedders, there's no need for long weekly or even daily grooming sessions. CoatBustering your dog a minute or ten every fortnight suffices.

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