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How does the Dumuchi « CoatBuster work

Years of development
The development of the CoatBuster started years ago in a factory in China. They knew that the bottom of a clipper blade could be used to remove loose hairs, by placing the blade crosswise on the dogs coat and brushing the coat. It was a simple way of removing loose hairs and also partially the undercoat. This tool was placed in a grip and first marketed in the US and later on also in Europe.

The development of the tools continued and resulted in the Dumuchi « CoatBuster. An ergonomically shaped grip, on which you can easily click three deshedding blades. These blades have changed during the development time in such a way that they grasp loose dead hairs and undercoat and remove them from the coat. The attached (living) hairs do not get far enough in the blade and are not extracted. The unique shape of the blades guarantees a complete painless CoatBuster session. Loose and dead hairs are removed, the living top coat is left completely unimpaired.

The CoatBuster treatment thus exists of easily brushing the the coat, with which dead hairs and undercoat are taken out by the CoatBuster blade.

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