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Dumuchi introduces the latest professional technology in coat care. Deshedding tools have been available for many years. The development of these tools has continued over these years. The Dumuchi CoatBuster is the result of years of experience done on these tools, leading to a completely new system to reduce the shedding of your animal.

Dumuchi CoatBuster
The Dumuchi CoatBuster is an ergonomically shaped 'soft grip' handle, on which separate deshedding blades can be attached. There are deshedding blades in the sizes Small, Medium and Large, but there also is a Skip Tooth Finishing comb, all easily attachable on the handle by the 'easy click'-system. Making the Dumuchi CoatBuster a multifunctional tool to remove loose hairs, undercoat and mats from the coat of your animal!

Own fabric
But that's not all! Because we have the products manufactured ourselves, the price if far lower than what you pay for other brands of deshedders! And that still isn't all, if you need another size blade, you can buy it separately for a small amount of money. No disinvestment and no double costs. That makes the Dumuchi CoatBuster such a unique system.

The Dumuchi CoatBuster is available from 27,95. You get the ergonomically shaped handle and the Small deshedding blade, suited for all cats and small to medium sized dogs. For a complete salon kit, containing the handle, the Small, medium and large deshedding blade and the Finishing Comb you only pay 49,95.

So, the Dumuchi CoatBuster is really value for money.

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